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For a limited time, we are offering promotional pricing for LASH EXTENSION FULL SETS AND LASH EXTENSION FILLS! As a recently certified lash artist, I am building my portfolio by offering promotional pricing for any style eyelash extension full sets and fills. This includes classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume. We work together to create a look and style unique to you, enhancing your natural beauty by brightening up the eye area. Utilizing specialized lash placement; examining eye shape and facial structure, procuring an array of premium lash styles, lengths, and textures; paired with my eye for detail, I strive to help my clients see their raw beauty with the subtle, or dramatic, lash extension enhancements. To book, please select which service you would like. *Note: If you have never had eyelash extensions before, you must book a patch test with me first.

Patch Test: Mandatory for those who have *never* had eyelash extensions previously. (Strip lashes do not count as eyelash extensions)

Full Set: Choose from Classic, Hybrid, Volume, or Mega Volume. We will discuss your goals and desired look during your appointment.

Lash Fill: Choose from Classic, Hybrid, Volume, or Mega Volume. If you are coming from another artist, you do not need to remove your current lashes. *Fills require at least 25% retentions of your current lash extensions. If you have less than this, you must book as a full set.

 Lash Extension Re-Touch: This is for anyone who has approximately 85% lash extension retention. If you have an event and you need a touch up, for example, I will do a touch up fill.

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